Da Ka$hmere, born Seraphim Benjamin, was born on April 6 in New York, NY at New York Hospital located off of FDR drive. At the time of his birth, his father and mother had a residence in Queens, NY but were in transition of going to Bamberg, South Carolina. Through these times, his father was constantly back and forth from NY to SC and had his family moving with him so Da Ka$hmere was partially raised in NY and SC until his father fell ill and was forced to stay in SC.

Going to school in SC, Da Ka$hmere became more in-tune with Southern hospitality and the Southern ways. Da Ka$hmere always had a love for writing poetry and one day had a friend of his tell him that he should rap, as he always loved Hip-Hop from a young age. Da Ka$hmere was first introduced to Hip-Hop by his brother, Benni Banxx when he popped on an LL Cool J CD called "14 Shots to the Dome". Other CDs Benni brought around was A Tribe Called Quest, “Midnight Marauders” and Lord of the Underground’s song, “Funky Child”. Da Ka$hmere loved hip hop and was inspired when he saw Kris Kross come out with “Jump”. This is ultimately what made him believe he could rap and be part of the Hip-Hop world. Recording his first song, “Getting Heated”, Da Ka$hmere wanted to show he had the ability to make music. After hearing this song, his father asked Da Kashmere to make a promise to not curse in his music. Being that Da Ka$hmere looked up to his father and respected him, he made that promise.

Through several recordings, he worked with one of his brothers, who had been a rapper himself as well as a producer. Being a fan and a proud brother, he definitely was looking for recognition from him. Things didn’t seem to click with the two and eventually Da Ka$hmere went on his own. Feeling a little devastated, Da Ka$hmere’s mother and father provided words of wisdom that made Da Ka$hmere look at how to market himself differently. He started producing and eventually started a group called “High Density” which consisted of WIIZ’s 97.9’s DJ Sixcess. Da Ka$hmere went to college in NY at St. John’s University where he was shopping the group’s records. He went to Warner Music Group as well as Sony Music Records and was in constant talks with a record executive by the name of Bill Brown. Bill worked in the publishing department and Da Ka$hmere met him at a music conference where he had been all over NY shopping the record at different other conferences. Things didn’t move forward for the Da Ka$hmere and eventually the group disbanded due to disagreements and not seeing eye to eye on how the group was being pushed. Due to this, Da Ka$hmere returned to being a solo artist. Through this time frame, he started studying more on the business and was looking at radio promoters with the idea of starting a record label.

Da Ka$hmere started his own record label in 2005 and named it after a song he wrote called B.I.T.T.A. (Blood is Thicker Than Anything). Once the record label was incorporated, Da Ka$hmere immediately started working on the single he was going to push and released the song called “Put Em Up Knuck Buck” on the It’s B.I.T.T.A. Baby EP. The record immediately debuted that week on Billboard’s Top Hip-Hop/R&B Single Sales at #10. It peaked at #2 on Billboard’s Top Hip-Hop/R&B Single Sales under Janet and Nelly’s “Call On Me” and peaked at #11 on Billboard’s Top 100 Single Sales beating out several major names in the music industry. Things were looking up for Da Ka$hmere but his father was getting sicker and looked more like he would not make it. His father did pass, leaving his mother with no source of income and the threat of losing everything. So instead of recording a music video and promoting, Da Ka$hmere used that money to make sure that his mother would have something after having to file for bankruptcy. Da Ka$hmere had a lot on his plate and on his mind.

He was in the dark due to so many things going downhill including his career, personal relationships/friendships, and business relationships. Through it all, B.I.T.T.A. Records, LLC, Benni Banxx and affliliates kept pushing Da Ka$hmere to move forward and try to take care of the family. Benni Banxx was doing much more. Benni was pushing for the Da Ka$hmere to move forward with another song and put B.I.T.T.A. Records, LLC back on the scene. Da Ka$hmere still wasn’t ready due to personal issues and a clouded mind.

One day, Da Ka$hmere had a vision about future events. In this, he saw his career on the rise and his father told him that it was time to move forward and make things happen. After that, Da Ka$hmere contacted everyone that was in his circle in regards to pushing B.I.T.T.A. Records back out there. He told everyone that this was his last attempt at being an artist so he was going to go all out. Da Ka$hmere then recorded “Go Crazy” which has received a lot of great reviews and is currently growing the company as well as other business affiliates. Meeting 9th Ether and artists, things have been moving forward from radio plays, performances, and much much more. The single has been predicted as one of the next biggest songs of its time. Da Ka$hmere is still pushing.

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